7 Amazing Hidden Benefits of Indoor Play!

Do you know how good indoor play is for you children?

Last week, our owner, Gordon Forster, did a presentation with Janice Dunphy, the Chair of the Family Entertainment Centre section of BALPPA* and Managing Director of Web Adventure Park in York. This was presented at the London ExCel at the Elevate Arena show on the research into the hidden benefits of indoor play.  

The presentation can be downloaded here but we have summarised the 7 HIDDEN benefits here for you.  It is amazing how indoor play venues provide such a great environment for kids and their parents to learn, socialise and keep fit.  It is actually good for you! 

Some press coverage can be seen by clicking here 

HIDDEN benefit 1

Free play helps school success

“Whatever children may learn and however they may develop through their play, largely happens precisely because there are no targets, goals or expectations..”

 “With this insight, the concept of ’adult led’ play and ‘play-based’ learning towards specific goals and targets, can be seen as flawed concepts. Whatever children may learn and however they may develop through their play, largely happens precisely because there are no targets, goals or expectations, other than the ones they may invent for themselves”

 Adrian Voce OBE, is a writer, consultant and campaigner specialisingin policy, planning and funding for children’s play. He was awarded an OBE for services to children in 2011

HIDDEN benefit 2 

Huge physical benefits to fitness in a way that schools and nurseries do not always achieve 

HIDDEN benefit 3

Helps reduce obesity 

HIDDEN benefit 4 

Improves upper body strength 

HIDDEN benefit 5

There are social benefits for children 

HIDDEN benefit 6

Lots of benefits for children with specific needs

HIDDEN benefit 7

Wellbeing benefits for adults

Often for the parent who spends the majority of time looking after a young child it can be lonely. Activity classes are expensive and often very short and it is hard to build relationships with other parents. It is proven that parents often do not make bonds with other parents until their child starts school. Therefore indoor play centres are a great place to socialisewith other parents.  

Seeing other adults play with their children is a great way of learning and improving parenting skills. Parents often have to learn how to play with children on their own which is not easy. Seeing other people play with children gives parents confidence them confidence

If you have any questions, want to let us know about your own positive experiences or have any other research looking at children and play led learing we would love to hear from you.  Just contact gordon@safarimk.co.uk and he will get back to you. 


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